Bird Ov Prey


Oracle Deck II

Image of Oracle Deck II

The original Bird Ov Prey Oracle Deck (including expansion cards) redesigned and expanded into a massive set of 80 images entombed in a luxe black and gold foil box. So much more than the original, this deck is Part Divination Deck, Part Meditation Guide and Part Interactive Game

The Cards:
As with the the previous deck, these cards contain various graphics and motifs of custom design that are combined with symbols and glyphs from researched occult and esoteric antiquity to create a modern mode of alchemic understanding – similar to what one might find in a Masonic Chamber of Reflection. The goal of these cards is that of open and free interpretation to activate mindful meditation, investigative thought, and intuitive growth.

• 3 x 5" Card Size
• 400gsm Touch-Laminated Matte Stock
• Black Sparkle Edges
• Gold Foil Back Graphics

The Deck:
• Includes 8 page Instruction Booklet
• Can be combined with the Oracle Coin or Die (sold separately) for further interaction